Purposeful Leadership

We at Montara Farm were recently invited to participate in the Undergraduate Business School Leadership Conference (UBSLC) at Emory’s Goizueta Business School.  This the third time we have brought our leadership and team building exercises to contribute to a program that brings in  top business school students from all over the world. 

As Program Chairman, Patrick McBride explains, the goal of the conference, “Is to connect undergraduate leaders in a collaborative, interactive environment that fosters meaningful connections and learning, extending far beyond the reach of the conference.” 

This goal mirrors the Montara Farm goal of creating an environment that produces bonding and relationship building that transcends the boundaries of most meetings and retreats.  We strive to bring a new perspective to groups in their quest to improve the outcomes of their interactions. 

The theme of this year’s Conference was ‘Purposeful Leadership’ as delineated by Joey Reiman of BrightHouse.  As Mr. Reiman explains,”A big part of the BrightHouse gospel is the need for companies to become “purpose-driven.” To carve out a distinctive identity – an important goal in a marketplace full of competitive firms chasing after consumers –  Purpose is an organization’s distinct reason for being, and the positive impact it seeks to make in the world. The soul of an organization and its purpose lie at its origins.” 

At Montara our programs and environment help organizations discover their purpose by discovering new talents and strengths of their people and to fulfill its potential to positively impact both the people they serve and to give meaning to the efforts of the people in their organization.