The Key to Corporate Retreats


Why do corporate retreats prove more productive at Montara Farm?  Why do groups actually engage in team building?  Why does bonding take place between the attendees at a Montara Farm retreat?  Why do groups come away saying that Montara Farm is the perfect place for a corporate team building retreat?

  • Some say it’s the sumptuous meals prepared by a private chef who uses fruits and vegetables grown on property.
  • Some say it’s the exclusivity in having this mountain view estate all to yourselves.
  • Some say it’s the heartfelt hospitality of the world-traveled owners and staff.

But most say it’s the expertise and attention to detail groups receive in order to have meaningful, productive and fun retreats.

Larry and Trish, refugees from the corporate world, after experiencing dull and nonproductive meetings, decided to create a unique retreat experience on their North Georgia estate that gets people working together through food, fun and facilitation.

Everything is here…world-class facilitators, elegantly rustic facilities, thought provoking programs and fun.  Adventures to challenge the left-brain and bring forward the playfulness and creativity of your right brain.

This is the Montara experience and its all yours…one group at a time.



IN HARMONY WITH NATURE:  During a Montara Experience you’re completely surrounded and nurtured by the natural beauty of rolling hills and expansive North Georgia mountain views, serene woodlands, bubbling creeks and dazzling azaleas.

We engage in sustainable farming and agri-tourism, supporting conservation techniques and utilizing green technologies to maintain a low planet impact.  We consider being good corporate citizens an obligation to the community.

We have planted thousands of trees, ornamentals and wildlife attracting areas bringing the birds, deer and other wildlife back to a once barren and depleted area.  We have preserved hundreds of mountain view acres from development.

Our kitchens, retreat and ranch activities have supported a host of local farmers, craftsmen and artists, giving employment and training to dozens of local rural residents.

USING THE POWER OF LAUGHTER:  The Montara Experience is full of fun; from the design of the building reminiscent of a visit to you grandmother in the country with all your cousins to the theme based outdoor adventures that beckon all to get silly, to the evenings entertainment of a campy murder mystery, music, night hikes and bonfires.  Montara keeps you laughing.  People who laugh together work better together.  Too many companies have lost the ability to laugh together.

EMPOWERING TEAMS/POWERFUL LEADERS:  Our world-class facilitators use a wide variety of time-proven exercises and newly-developed games to help unify your team while addressing issues such as self-awareness, conflict resolution, enhanced cooperation and improved leadership.  Based on your objectives we can employ low risk exercises that bring out the issues of comfort zones, competition, communication and consensus, concealed in a light and playful manner.  We can dive more deeply into group dynamics using experiences and metaphors that can be leveraged into personal insights and business learning’s.  We also call upon our years of experience in the corporate world to assist in team bonding and determining leadership styles and strengths.

BECOMING SELF-AWARE AND AWARE OF OTHERS:  We use a number of methodologies and instruments to help individuals and groups better understand their preferences and comfort zones, but our most beloved tool is the tool of laughter.  Our games and activities bring out the inner child and let you revel in the joy of competition. Our consultants use tools such as the DISC, the HBDI, the Birkman, the 360, the MBTI, to help group members understand themselves and their coworkers.  The unique Montara Experience reinforces these methodologies with fun outdoor experiential exercises that make people laugh and think.

TAPPING CUTTING EDGE CREATIVITY AND IDEA GENERATION:  In a Business Week poll, over 70% of fortune 500 companies agreed that regardless of economic conditions, innovation remains as one of their most critical priorities.  Whether your team needs to fill the pipeline of new product and service ideas or is in the process of developing an internal culture of innovation, our expert team of creativity guides will lead you to your out-of-the- box success.  You tap into the deep well of original ideas that resides in us all, we use proprietary exercises blended from decades of experience with America’s top marketing teams, the latest research and from neurobiologists, the ancient wisdom of the tribal cultures and the best practices in alternative health and wellness.

ENGAGING MIND-BODY-SPIRIT WHOLENESS:  We know that everything we do affects everyone else.  We also know that paying attention to the entirety of the human experience makes good sense for people’s health, and makes good business sense, too Consequently, we’ve taken great care to ensure that our environment and our programs are custom designed to nurture your whole Being- mind, body and spirit- while skillfully moving your team towards their objectives. Depending on program parameters, we’ll weave in to your retreat experience a gentle exposure to Yoga, Tai Chi, labyrinth meditation and walks in nature, plenty of time for rest and personal reflection.