Fitness Buddies

Who wouldn’t enjoy a weekend of pampering at a spa retreat?

You learn about nutrition and diets and treatments to relieve pain, and exercises to make you feel energized.  But what happens when you go back home?

Montara Farm had a health and fitness spa weekend with ‘Simply Catherine’.  Cathryn Marshall, a personal trainer who works with hundreds of clients in Atlanta, is a tiny bundle of energy and enthusiasm.  Her personal story inspires and motivates.

Cathryn brought practitioners to the Montara Fitness Weekend who shared their personal stories of struggle with weight and fitness and their own transformation.  They shared their skills and taught techniques that work.  The Montara weekend, however, was far from a boot camp.

There were classes on nutrition, yoga classes with studies from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of yoga.  There were strength and stretching classes, pain reduction classes, cooking demonstrations, personal coaching and various types of massage.

The star of the weekend was Montara Farm itself.  Montara provided an intimate, safe, and nurturing environment for sharing and bonding.  With her verdant rolling hills and dense forests, Montara guests hiked, played with horses and de-stressed.  Music, aerobic square dancing and laughter sessions allowed everyone to reach their inner child and just have fun.

Montara Chef Trish held cooking sessions and planned special menus to support the nutrition goals of the participants.  A half day meditation program helped everyone go deeper into their own psyche to discover sources of motivation.

Guests shared their visions and inspirations as well as challenges. The sharing and bonding were truly amazing.  Each pf the participants came as an individual, but all left as friends who pledged to help each other in their transformation when they got back to their ‘real ‘life.

They came to Montara to get fit and left with Buddies to help on the journey.