Business and Activism

“Business and Activism: Turning Profits Into Progress” was this year’s theme for Emory University’s business school leadership conference. For the past 5 years, Montara Farm has been invited to be a presenter at this conference, presenting team challenges and engaging students in activities that require them to think critically, communicate effectively and execute actions as a team.

For 18 years, students from 25 business schools in 10 countries have been invited to the Goizueta Business School to participate in competitions and learn from business leaders who exemplify some unique aspect of being a leader. The school was named for Roberto Goizueta, a former CEO of The Coca Cola Company who himself exemplified this year’s theme in both his private life and his corporate life.

Giving back: using influence, prominence, and money for positive change in our communities. A new generation of young people are in a crucial position to embrace this form of servant leadership that promises to forge cohesive and coherent change at every level in our communities.

At Montara, we have been privileged to work with student groups, small emerging companies and large established companies that share these values.  At our retreats, we have great fun, but we discuss choices facing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. It is amazing how many of our guests are dedicated to giving back, and who spread this message of personal commitment to the entire organization.

We continue to be inspired by small companies who have been to Montara, like GTO 2000, whose employees at all levels participate as a team in at least one charitable fundraising event a month.

Giving back is infectious and addictive. The more you do, the more you want to do. According to Scott Budnick, executive producer of successful films like “The Hangover Series” and keynote speaker of the conference, the measure of success is not the profit, but the impact and the lives improved.

At Montara, this is our mission and our passion. We urge our future leaders to take up the flag of community activism and build stronger and better lives for all.