About Your Guides

Larry Becker and Trish Stump, husband and wife for 35 years, have given up their 30 year corporate lives to help others better enjoy and be more effective in their careers.

Larry and Trish are not only owners and planners, but also facilitators and trainers available for your group events.

Larry has an MBA and 30 years of sales and sales management experience for IT companies including McDonnell Douglas, EDS, Systemhouse, GTE/Verizon, to name a few. For the eight years prior to ‘retiring’ to the farm, he served as the Senior VP of sales for companies in the Healthcare IT business, preparing them for sale or IPO. Larry manages a team of Montara facilitators and is the Farm’s primary gardener in his spare time!

Trish has an MBA and has applied her people, management and program design skills within large organizations including the Coca Cola Company, Sears, and the Federal Government, and as a training and development consultant to the hospitality industry. Prior to “retiring” to Montara, her teams developed and delivered staffing and training worldwide for 28 new hotels and resort openings for Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, Nikko, Swiss Grand, Hyatt, Marriot, Wyndham, Stouffers and others. As the designer and developer of Montara Farm, she has combined all of this experience to apply to your group’s growth and enjoyment of the Farm adventure.

Trish and Larry utilize the talent of world class facilitators and consultants experienced in outdoor adventures and experiential learning techniques, ideation, and team discovery processes. From former CFO’s to horse whisperers, our staff can read ‘herd’ behavior and direct it in a fun and more productive way. From building bridges to racing Dragon Boats on lake Lanier to chasing outlaws on horseback, our adventure team can do it all, keep it safe, and keep your team laughing and learning.

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