Building Bridges

A Project Management Game- Rabun County, split by the raging Chattooga river, for centuries had a foot bridge uniting two tribes for trade and commerce. About 50 years ago, the bridge was wiped out in a 100 year flood. No one had the money or the builders to rebuild it. The USDA has decided to fund a rural development project for the rebuilding, but there must be maximum participation from both tribes and also maximum communication.

The bridge must be designed and built on time, within budget, structurally sound, and distinctly beautiful.
One problem: The tribes no longer speak the same language.  

This exercise has both an indoor and outdoor component. Teams must design and build a prototype using a “made up” language, gain consensus, build the prototype, and build the bridge over a farm creek… on time, on budget and on specs! 

* Takes 4 hours minimum. (Low Impact) Can be done indoors.

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