The Great Race I

An exciting and fast paced event that combines the use of a full range of skills to propel your group of 10 to 200 into a fun, competitive race that includes up to 20 different challenges. Using a format similar to the ‘Amazing Race’, the Great Race has head-to-head competitions, scored and timed events, and cooperative events that are tallied to determine the winning team. These events could include:

  • Bow and Arrows – an archery competition to test your accuracy and skill
  • Cow Patty Toss – Frisbee golf with a fun twist
  • Hole In The Wall – a tennis competition that test your control of the ball
  • Raft Race – tests your skill to navigate our pond in a rubber raft
  • Mountain Bike Relay – try out your biking skills on our challenging course
  • Flatten the Fort – use a catapult to knock down your foe
  • Cow Tipping – a new version of the old Southern sport
  • Wild Horse Relay – use your equestrian skills to rack up the best time
  • Outlaw Golf – no sissies need apply; this is truly primitive golf
  • Treasure Hunt – a test of skill and ingenuity
    and many more!

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