Wilderness Survival

Loosely based on TV’s ‘Survivor’ and ‘Worst Case Scenario’
Your group is divided into teams competing to plant their flag on the mountain top and “claim the mountain.” The teams “race” to the base camp and follow wilderness challenges on their route to the summit. Consensus building and teamwork are a must to cross raging rivers, canyons, and ice fields on the way. At certain points all teams meet and must work together. At Tribal Council, tribes compete head to head but can they survive? What happens when a team is merged or has to give up a key player?

Survivor combines hiking, problem solving, consensus building, orienteering, low ropes elements and wilderness challenges. Full facilitation and debriefing are included.  An excellent activity for corporate retreat groups that want to push the limits.

* Takes 3 to 6 Hours with debrief (Moderate to high Fitness Level)

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